Sunday, September 27, 2009

How NOT to invite someone to a BNI meeting

This is the way someone else in the carpet cleaning industry was invited to a BNI meeting, with the obvious results of being frustrated and uninformed about the real purpose of BNI, or business networking of any type:
"A BNI breakfast. Why did I fall for it? Client has begged me for years. I caved in & had to get up early for it only to find food that wasn't. No meat? Scones, fruit & flavored gay coffee. Before I was to make my intro speech I said screw it & apologized to my client only to run to MacDonalds for some pork & man coffee. I have never listened to anything as sorry as what I listened to this morning! It was as if I was listening to congress as corrupt as they are. When the numbnuts realtor started talking about writing reviews for each other on our websites I made my exit. The stuff I heard confirms that small business America will commit sodomous acts to stay in business and can be bought at any price. "

The proper way to invite someone to a BNI meeting is, "I am going to a business meeting on __________. I would like to introduce you to these business people. I think it could help your business. Would you like to come?"

You can see in the "invitation" above that this carpet cleaner was invited to a BNI breakfast. BNI is not about breakfast. It is about business. My hope is that this poor carpet cleaner did not burn some bridges with the business people in that room. He may have lost a valuable "sales team."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to behave in the public square.

Here is an excellent article about how Christians (and really, everyone else) should behave in the public square. There has been a breakdown in discussion to the point of name calling and mud slinging recently. The truth and compromise become the victims when no one is willing to have an exchange of ideas.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to School

We started co-op classes today. YDS has 3 classes and his sister has 6 or 7...I lost count! Our co-op has a very full junior high/high school level "program" and she will participate in that. It is 2 days and will probably fill most of her week after "homework" is assigned. I had won a Picturing America grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and we are sharing it with our co-op. One of the other mothers has a degree in art and agreed to teach with the grant. Both of my children had her class today. She is teaching twice...once for the younger group and once for the older group. They used clay today to sculpt after looking at and learning about southwestern pottery. Both of my children enjoyed it.
YDD has a literature class this year. I was informed by her teacher that she was enthusiastic during class and even asked if they might get to read and study more than just the 3 books currently on the syllabus. I wondered if it could possibly have been my child she was talking about, or perhaps a body snatcher alien.....

Both students have science classes with a wonderful retired science teacher. We will see how the year goes. It is the first time YDS has been sent off into classrooms without mom hovering around.

I get to be hall monitor. I don't mind being the mean mom who has to corral little ones back to pre-school music, or tell teens to lower their voices. I also monitor the door to the building we use. There is an office there for a missions group and there are elderly sisters who live in half of the building so we are not the only people in and out. It is an old convent building. We are grateful that we have use of the building. It has given us the opportunity to have a really full co-op.

Dear Lord,
Please guide us on the path of your choosing this year. May we be humble and loving. We ask this through Christ our Lord.