Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Well, DSS2 managed to push limits to the point of being arrested for domestic assault and battery tonight. This is the second time I have had to call the police and have him arrested for pushing DH around. The kid just doesn't get it. He has been horrible at home and in school because he decided he wants to go back and live with his mother. We fought to get him out of her home because he was supposedly being abused (I am not sure what to believe about any of this anymore) almost daily by her. He knew when he came here that we have rules and there are consequences to your actions. He abided by the rules and was genuinely doing well for the first 3 or 4 months he was here (he came in April of 2005). He spent a chunk of time over the summer of 2005 visiting at his mother's and came back to us last September totally off. His behavior has done nothing but decline since then. All summer this year his mother promised to do what was necessary to regain custody of him so he could go back and live with her. She did not follow through. He had to be forced to come home to start school, and by the time 3 weeks of school were done the principal already knew his name. ODS managed to graduate without the principal knowing him. YDD will be known to the principal because of her outstanding test scores and the scholarships she is already (junior year) eligible for.
Today DSS2 skipped half his classes. We got a call from the school that he skipped 3 class periods. We took the internet away from him for the night. He claimed he had homework for his networking class, so we allowed him to go on the computer to do that, but then he was watching videos online instead of doing home work. We made him get off the computer and he flipped out and started cussing ("f-bombs" as DH calls them) at everyone in sight. He started to yell at YDS when YDS told him his language was bad, and DH got really angry. DH got right in DSS2's face and started telling him the facts of life. DH never touched the kid, but DSS2 threatened to "lay him out in the hospital" and so on. Then DSS2 pushed DH several times (3 or 4 I lost track). At that point I dialed 911.

Police arrived and DSS2 had calmed down a little, but he was speaking aggressively and tried to tell us and the police how things were going to go. DH and I decided that the best course of action was for him to be arrested. As of now, I don't know if he wound up in a lock up or if he was released to his mother. I kind of hope it was lock up because his mother will somehow make everything out to be the fault of anyone but him.

I really hate this stuff.

I am feeling so drained that I feel like I can't even pray. Heal my children, please, and be with DSS2. He needs a heart adjustment.


Thursday, October 05, 2006


My ex husband is court ordered to carry health insurance for my 2 oldest children. He finally (after 4 years) got health insurance for them in July. He refuses to give me an insurance card for my daughter, however. He told her he only has 1. She had to go to the doctor today and had to have a script filled. Her father wouldn't give us the information to fill it. He insisted that HE had to take her to fill the prescription. He also had my address crossed off her medical chart at the pediatrician office. God forbid there was ever an emergency. He WILL NOT answer his phone if I call him, so we would be SOL at an emergency room. Needless to say, I am a bit peeved by this.

In other news, YDS has been really upset the last few days about ODS. He misses ODS and is old enough to understand that ODS keeps in touch with ODD but makes no effort to see him or YDD. He is angry and sad at the same time about this. As I type this blog, ODS is across the street at my neighbor's house. I saw him drive in to the driveway. He is 100 feet from his siblings, but miles away at the same time. My heart breaks all over again for my 2 younger children.