Sunday, September 27, 2009

How NOT to invite someone to a BNI meeting

This is the way someone else in the carpet cleaning industry was invited to a BNI meeting, with the obvious results of being frustrated and uninformed about the real purpose of BNI, or business networking of any type:
"A BNI breakfast. Why did I fall for it? Client has begged me for years. I caved in & had to get up early for it only to find food that wasn't. No meat? Scones, fruit & flavored gay coffee. Before I was to make my intro speech I said screw it & apologized to my client only to run to MacDonalds for some pork & man coffee. I have never listened to anything as sorry as what I listened to this morning! It was as if I was listening to congress as corrupt as they are. When the numbnuts realtor started talking about writing reviews for each other on our websites I made my exit. The stuff I heard confirms that small business America will commit sodomous acts to stay in business and can be bought at any price. "

The proper way to invite someone to a BNI meeting is, "I am going to a business meeting on __________. I would like to introduce you to these business people. I think it could help your business. Would you like to come?"

You can see in the "invitation" above that this carpet cleaner was invited to a BNI breakfast. BNI is not about breakfast. It is about business. My hope is that this poor carpet cleaner did not burn some bridges with the business people in that room. He may have lost a valuable "sales team."

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