Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A rotten tree

Photographic evidence of the rotten tree that once stood right on the tree belt outside my home.
I have been calling the city about this tree for years.

This is a brand new stump, not one that has been sitting. Look at all the rot!

You can see in this photo how rotten the tree was all the way to the edge and in the center.

This shows how part of the trunk brok apart from the rest before the chainsaw even hit it. Half of the upper trunk had broken off. This is not clear enough to show the rot that was visible in person.
I am so relieved to have this tree down!
Since around 1994 I have made calls to the city about this tree. Since it was on the tree belt, I could do nothing about it except call. I am glad that my neighbor's home is now safer, and that the transformer is in less danger. In the long run, the removal of this tree will save my city money.
I will have a lot more morning sun in my home now.....maybe my winter heating bills will go down. I can hope anyway!

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