Saturday, May 30, 2009

New additions

We have added a new member to our menagerie. His name is Fitzie. He is soft and white and weighs in at 6 pounds. Can you guess what he is?

If you guessed a small dog, possibly part Bichon, you are correct. We adopted this 11 year old last Friday. I didn't think I would like a small dog, but I was wrong. He plays fetch. He tries to climb on the bed, but I make him get down. He follows me around and sleeps near me where ever I am.
I also added something else to our home. My brother sent me "an old friend." I had one of these when I was a little girl:

Her name is Mrs. Beasley. She was the doll that "Buffy" of the "Family Affair" TV program that ran from 1967-1971 had. I watched that show when I was little and I had a Mrs. Beasley doll. She was the only doll I ever wore out. My brother sent me this one. She is actually an original, and she still has her pull string and talks.
I was really surprised to receive her, and I am thankful to my brother for thinking of me. He sent her without any sort of special occasion....just because he thought of me and Mrs. Beasley.
I am enjoying having her. I had recently been reminiscing about her, so it was that much more of a surprise that my brother sent her. He lives in Ireland and I am in the U.S. and he was not the person I was reminiscing to......


Mary B said...

That is a cool toy for him to send you. I'm not sure you aren't crazy to add to your menagerie but Fitzie is cute!

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

The dog is great! And I'm so glad that you know who your "old friend" was now! The mystery is solved!