Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Passion of the Lord

Today is Passion or Palm Sunday. The gospel reading is from the Gospel of Mark and is quite long. I recall being a teen and attending the Passion of the Lord on Good Friday. As on Passion Sunday, at the Passion on Good Friday, the congregants are to read the parts of the gospel when the crowd is yelling for the crucifixion. I had great difficulty with this. I didn't want to shout "Crucify Him!" I did not recognize my own part in the horror of Christ's suffering. I loved Jesus. I did not want to participate in his crucifixion. It took me many more years to realize that my sinfulness contributed to Christ's death, and that He died for my sins as well as for those who shouted "Crucify Him." I may not have been there yelling, but every time I have sinned, my actions have shouted those words. I can only hope that my repentance is pleasing to Him.

Dear Lord,
Please forgive my blindness to my own sin and to my part in Your suffering and crucifixion. Help me to turn my heart toward You and to live the life You would have me live. Please help me to be an example of Christian love for my children so that their lives will be less sinful than mine and their hearts will turn toward You in all they do.

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