Sunday, December 21, 2008

update/what we have been up to

YDS had his MRI last Sunday evening. We are still awaiting results. He saw the ENT on Thursday. An area in his left nostril was cauterized. He had had 6 nosebleeds in the 24 hours prior to the ENT visit. He has had no nosebleeds since the cauterization. Hopefully he is "cured" of the nosebleeds.

Here are a few photos of things we have been doing:

A giant nutcracker at Yankee Candle. We went on a field trip there on Wednesday 12/17/2008. They have an area devoted to the history of candle making within their flagship store in South Deerfield, MA, as well as a history of the founding of Yankee Candle.

A "wax hand" made at Yankee Candle as a Christmas gift for our wonderful neighbor who already has everything.YDS with "Santa and Mrs. Claus" at Yankee Candle.We did a fair bit of baking this week.
A tray of finished Christmas cookies: A kitten named George who was helping to get out storage bags. (hehe)
Decorated cookies
A few cookies that had been made into sandwiches with chocolate and sprinkles:

The baked cookies prior to decorating:
Cookies and pumpkin bread were distributed to neighbors and friends.
A gingerbread house that we assembled and decorated. Gingerbread is not my forte, so I bought a kit for this. It was a fun activity.
Wishing all of our family and friends a Blessed and Holy Christmas!


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one_big_pain said...

Looks like you've had lots of fun together!

Glad to hear the nosebleeds just might be under control . . .

Hoping you and your family have a wonderful Christmas