Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

My husband loves me so much, that he got me this for Christmas. Only a man who truly loves his wife would do this. Okay, maybe an insane man would do this. After all, I have lots of old Barry Manilow, and Air Supply albums I can now listen to. The albums that are dreaded most by my DH, however, are probably all the Bruce Springsteen ones I am looking forward to playing! (singing out loud..."Born in the U.S.A.") I can even copy them to CD to listen to in the car now!!!!

Of course, the best gift was watching my YDS serve Mass at midnight and thinking about the priest's sermon on how Jesus wants to dwell within us. The Incarnation, the Word made flesh means so much more than a cute little baby. The birth means very little without the death and resurrection.

I am always awed by the sacrifices Mary made. I know that the Annunciation was celebrated back in March, but the key to Advent really is Mary's "yes." Without her cooperation, the whole story might have been different. So today I am thankful to Mary for her cooperation in Grace, and to Christ for his submission to the will of the Father.

A very Blessed and Holy Christmas season to all.

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