Monday, December 22, 2008

A contest to enter by answering a poll.

This poll is part of a contest over here. Sagerat scribbles is part of the HSB blogging network. I have another blog over there at this location.

1. Why did you start a blog? I started blogging when I was on MSN. A "space" came free with my subscription, so I tried it out.
2. What did/do you hope to accomplish with your blogging? I never had a particular goal for my blogging. I have found that it helps me work through things, though.
3. Have you found that you don't post as much as you did when you started?yes
4. If yes, why not?I blog when I have some free time. This is a rare occasion these days, so I do not blog as often as I used to.
5. How important are comments to you?It is always nice to have people comment.
6. Do you ever find yourself wishing people would not always leave comments that agree with you? no.
7. Do you comment on other people's blogs a lot, sometimes, or very little? Sometimes
8. What determines why you don't post a comment on someone else's blog? If I find the content is something that I completely disagree with, I usually will not comment. I figure if I can't say anything nice, I should not say anything at all.
9. What determines why you do post a comment on someone else's blog? If I find a particular post strikes a chord, I will comment. usually anyway..
10. Do you have more than one blog? Yes. Where? MSN spaces, HSB and Blogger
11. Do you read random blogs either off of random blogger or friends lists? yes. It is fascinating to read blogs from all over the world.

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