Friday, December 26, 2008

Seen on our fence post

He was much more spectacular to look at in person. He was either a hawk or a falcon. I looked up and there he was.
Thank you for reminding me of Your beautiful creation all around me by sending this beautiful creature to sit on the fence.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

My husband loves me so much, that he got me this for Christmas. Only a man who truly loves his wife would do this. Okay, maybe an insane man would do this. After all, I have lots of old Barry Manilow, and Air Supply albums I can now listen to. The albums that are dreaded most by my DH, however, are probably all the Bruce Springsteen ones I am looking forward to playing! (singing out loud..."Born in the U.S.A.") I can even copy them to CD to listen to in the car now!!!!

Of course, the best gift was watching my YDS serve Mass at midnight and thinking about the priest's sermon on how Jesus wants to dwell within us. The Incarnation, the Word made flesh means so much more than a cute little baby. The birth means very little without the death and resurrection.

I am always awed by the sacrifices Mary made. I know that the Annunciation was celebrated back in March, but the key to Advent really is Mary's "yes." Without her cooperation, the whole story might have been different. So today I am thankful to Mary for her cooperation in Grace, and to Christ for his submission to the will of the Father.

A very Blessed and Holy Christmas season to all.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A contest to enter by answering a poll.

This poll is part of a contest over here. Sagerat scribbles is part of the HSB blogging network. I have another blog over there at this location.

1. Why did you start a blog? I started blogging when I was on MSN. A "space" came free with my subscription, so I tried it out.
2. What did/do you hope to accomplish with your blogging? I never had a particular goal for my blogging. I have found that it helps me work through things, though.
3. Have you found that you don't post as much as you did when you started?yes
4. If yes, why not?I blog when I have some free time. This is a rare occasion these days, so I do not blog as often as I used to.
5. How important are comments to you?It is always nice to have people comment.
6. Do you ever find yourself wishing people would not always leave comments that agree with you? no.
7. Do you comment on other people's blogs a lot, sometimes, or very little? Sometimes
8. What determines why you don't post a comment on someone else's blog? If I find the content is something that I completely disagree with, I usually will not comment. I figure if I can't say anything nice, I should not say anything at all.
9. What determines why you do post a comment on someone else's blog? If I find a particular post strikes a chord, I will comment. usually anyway..
10. Do you have more than one blog? Yes. Where? MSN spaces, HSB and Blogger
11. Do you read random blogs either off of random blogger or friends lists? yes. It is fascinating to read blogs from all over the world.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

update/what we have been up to

YDS had his MRI last Sunday evening. We are still awaiting results. He saw the ENT on Thursday. An area in his left nostril was cauterized. He had had 6 nosebleeds in the 24 hours prior to the ENT visit. He has had no nosebleeds since the cauterization. Hopefully he is "cured" of the nosebleeds.

Here are a few photos of things we have been doing:

A giant nutcracker at Yankee Candle. We went on a field trip there on Wednesday 12/17/2008. They have an area devoted to the history of candle making within their flagship store in South Deerfield, MA, as well as a history of the founding of Yankee Candle.

A "wax hand" made at Yankee Candle as a Christmas gift for our wonderful neighbor who already has everything.YDS with "Santa and Mrs. Claus" at Yankee Candle.We did a fair bit of baking this week.
A tray of finished Christmas cookies: A kitten named George who was helping to get out storage bags. (hehe)
Decorated cookies
A few cookies that had been made into sandwiches with chocolate and sprinkles:

The baked cookies prior to decorating:
Cookies and pumpkin bread were distributed to neighbors and friends.
A gingerbread house that we assembled and decorated. Gingerbread is not my forte, so I bought a kit for this. It was a fun activity.
Wishing all of our family and friends a Blessed and Holy Christmas!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Health issues

Well, YDS had his physical in October. I mentioned to the pediatrician that he has been complaining of headaches for about 6 months. I didn't think much of it as I get migraines, and my older son has been a migraine sufferer as well. The pediatrician asked me to keep a headache diary and schedule a follow up. I mentioned nosebleeds as well, but since the little guy had not had a nosebleed too recently when he had his physical, not much was said/done about the nosebleeds. Well, I decided to keep track of the nosebleeds as well as the headaches. These are not your typical kid picked at his nose nosebleeds, but rather they are kid wakes in the middle of the night with a gushing nosebleed.
I kept track of these things for a month. He had 4 nosebleeds and 7 headaches that I documented. While at the doctor's office for the follow-up, however, YDS says, "Oh, I had a headache that woke me up at 4:25 this morning."
Doc says, "How do you know it was 4:25?"
YDS replies, " alarm clock said 4:25."
So, the conclusion after checking him out and finding a bit of tension in his neck and shoulders is that it is probably stress/tension headaches or migraines, but that an MRI of his brain is necessary to rule out anything else. oh, and the pediatrician called me at the end of his work day to say, "In all the talk fuss about the headaches, I forgot to refer him to the ENT. I want him to see a specialist for the nosebleeds."
So my calendar is suddenly full of medical appointments for YDS. He has an MRI, a consult with the ENT a couple of days later, and an appointment with his primary for a visualization/biofeedback consultation. Given that fact that in the last year we lost YDS' Pepere(DH's dad), MSS has been in and out of the house, and just the fact that YDS is a perfectionist, my money is really on the stress/tension headaches or migraines given the family history.

Next, I went to my primary for a regular physical. I had not had a physical in at least 5 years. All of my labs were done fasting, and all of them were normal EXCEPT my fasting blood sugar. I have known for years that my blood sugar could be an issue. All of my babies were over 9 1/2 pounds at birth, and several relatives (grandparents) on both my mother's and father's side had adult onset or "type II" diabetes. I know that I have not taken proper care in recent years to keep my weight under control, so I was not really surprised. I have been informed that my sugar level is such that it is "pre-diabetes." I need to reduce that amount of carbohydrates I am eating. My doctor (this is the first time I met her) also promised me a mammogram (oh joy) and told me I need to make a GYN appointment. I don't have dates for either of those yet.

Please help me to not worry about any of the medical issues that I cannot control. Please help to make the changes necessary to lose some of the excess weight and get my blood sugar into the normal range. I really would like to be around for my children, Lord. Your will be done...