Sunday, October 26, 2008

Power outage

We had a power outage for an hour and a half tonight. It was interesting to see the reactions of the children. Our oldest tortured the youngest with stories of zombies initially. We (DH and I) were not home when the power first went out. We got home and YDS was extremely glad to see us as his older brothers had told him that zombies had driven up in our car. We quickly stopped the torture and lit some candles. All of the children sought out battery powered devices with which to shed some artificial light and sound. I sat down at the kitchen table and read a book by candlelight. I had many candles lit! I think I need to invest in more unscented candles, however. The Yankee Candles smell good, but too many different scents will make anyone sick. I wound up putting one of the scented candles out as it was overpowering.
I like to think about life on the prairie before the advent of electricity. You can probably guess I loved the Little House books as a girl. There was only candle light and firelight, and possibly an oil lamp. Homes were heated with wood or peat in a central fireplace. Food was cooked on the fire or on a wood burning cook stove. I shudder to think of the skills that have been lost over the years. All of our technology has made us soft, weak people in many ways. Yes, information is accessible at the touch of a button, but the search for information, the mystery, is gone. If the power ever went out for good, many would be lost.
Books are available, but many folks listen to "audio books." I like these for in the car on long trips, but to me, there is nothing like the feel of a book in my hands, and imagination that creates a world in my mind from what is described on paper. I think I need to try to cultivate this imagination in my children. They need to know how to occupy themselves when the power does go out.
Please remind us that what we truly NEED is You. We do not need computers or CD's or television. You should be the One to whom we turn in times of need. When the artificial lights go out, You, the Light of the world, are there.


Cheryl said...

I've been lighting candles and turning out the lights sometimes because it relaxes me. I think about the Little House days too. I think I'm attracted to the simplicity of those days.

one_big_pain said...

We were without power (after last December's ice storm)for 12 days. By the end of that I was feeling pretty depressed, but looking back the kids remember it as being kind of fun. We did a lot more as a family to pass the hours.

I found out I cannot read by candle light - the flickering caused major head-aches in a short time!

My nephew is doing as well as he can. No use of his left side. We bought a keyboard and some computer software as he thought he would like to get back to writing music. Hopefully, he can eventually get back into playing in his bands using the keyboard instead of his bass. Hopefully. We are grateful to hear his old employer (Koch Industries - they manufacture cabinet doors and other woodwork) is trying to find something he can do with one hand. It would be so good for him to be able to be productive. Fighting depression seems to be our biggest issue with the brain injury right now. Thanks for asking, and thank you for your continued prayers! Without that there's no saying where we would be now.
(my mom confessed a while ago that when we kids got too busy with school and friends she sometimes faked an electricity outage just to bring us all together for an evening. sometimes the television stayed "broken" for even longer . . . she's a smart lady, wouldn't you say! lol)