Sunday, October 12, 2008

My answer

This was my comment in answer to a post at my friend Katy's blog:

As a Catholic, I will not vote for anyone who is pro-abortion. I know there are "other issues." I believe, however, that anyone who claims to care about the downtrodden and underprivileged is not being truthful if he/she also supports abortion. An unborn child is the most vulnerable and innocent of our society. These same "bleeding hearts" are also less likely to protect people like Terry Schiavo, and support selective abortion for children who are the wrong gender, or who have "defects." Every person is valuable. This includes those with developmental disability, injury acquired disability, age acquired disability as well as those who are "healthy." I agree that we need to care for the less fortunate, however, in my experience, that is best accomplished through churches and private organizations, not through bigger government. Neither party is perfect, as no human is perfect. Neither party will accomplish all of their campaign "promises," and only the Supreme Court or Congress can overturn Roe-v-Wade. In many ways our president is a figure head. Of course, our founding fathers believed that they had set up checks and balances so that no one area of our government could become too powerful. I imagine they are turning in their graves at what our country is becoming.
My 2 cents.

Help me to cast my vote by truly examining my conscience and voting as you would have me vote...even if that means not voting. Be with all of our politicians, please, Lord. May they follow a path that leads to your purposes.

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WheresMyAngels said...

I'm anti abortion but am also horrible shocked at how many people say they are but when it comes down to it, when they are faced with a child with a disability, they abort. Do you know that 90% of women whom have a prenatal dx of Down syndrome abort. Now alot of those women are Catholic and Christian, and sometimes their minister or even priest has told them it is okay to abort. I find that alot of people lie about being anti abortion and it is very sad. (if you read termination for medical reason boards like on Baby Center, you really see into this. I'm very sad and horrified about how many religious people do this and are told it is okay when they are faced with having a child with a disability. If my minister ever told me that it was okay, I would be out of his church. I am trying hard not to judge people because I am not the one whom is suppose to be the judge. But it is hard. I know that Sarah Palin is not a liar because she now has proof that she is against abortion, since she is in the 10% that choose to continue to carry. But after reading others thoughts online, I have lost a lot of trust in what people say.