Monday, September 29, 2008

Am I more gray?

I certainly feel more gray.
My children, instead of settling down and being obedient and joyfully fulfilling their homeschool duties have been rebellious, slothful and downright disobedient. I have tried being strict, I have tried taking away privileges, and I have tried yelling and spanking. All to no avail. I am about ready for a padded cell somewhere. I know all of my children are more than capable of the work that has been set for them. I pray that we find a way to get them to do the work without the "this is stupid" that I am continually hearing.

You have called me to homeschool these children. Please help me to motivate them. Please help me to demonstrate obedience in my own behavior and in my work.


Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

Hi Christine,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will pray for you and your children to have a more positive experience.

Best wishes,

Mary B said...

Just remember it doesn't have to look like a 'brick and mortar' school for them to learn. Hit the library, walk up Mt. Tom with scetch books, read about poverty and pack up 10 things you don't need, paint guardian angels (mum says angels are the easiest to paint--- no mistakes)