Friday, August 15, 2008

The Old Schoolhouse Digital Magazine

I have also had a chance to review the Old Schoolhouse Digital magazine. This is an online, interactive version of the Old Schoolhouse. I find it is easier for me to use than trying to keep track of a paper magazine in my already overflowing home. On days when my aging eyes need bigger print, I can make the print bigger. If a photo spans two pages, I can look at the two, but I can then “zoom” in on the text to read the article.
The articles themselves span throughout all the topics of homeschooling: special needs, different styles, and different types of families (adoptive, small, and large). There was a wonderful article in the summer edition about using the Charlotte Mason method to help children with special needs.
As my children are getting older, and I no longer have little ones of my own, I can read and appreciate the articles about smaller children and put the information away for when I have grandchildren. The Lord may even use the information I have garnered for some other purpose.
I love the way the pages “turn” just as though I was thumbing through the physical magazine, but I also love the fact that as long as I “bookmark” my TOS digital magazine, I am not going to have to hunt for it.

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Barbara Frank said...

I like having certain things on my computer, but I get frustrated when I go back and can't find them! Sounds like you have it figured out :)

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