Sunday, July 27, 2008

What to do

Part of my property is an open "meadow" with a steep wooded hill/ravine/dingle (pick your word) behind it. For years, the neighbors have been dumping their leaves and brush in this area. They used to push it back. Now they just dump it. My DH and I are quite aggravated. I even saw a yard work company that did some work for a neighbor dump there. I was not quick enough to get out there and make them pick it back up, though. The board of health will come out and write us up for the dumped brush, but we didn't even put it there. I think we are going to post "No Dumping" signs. Hopefully this will help. I wish I had the money to fence in my entire yard. That would prevent the problem. Given the dynamics of the yard, however, it would be cost prohibitive at this point. Of course, I would also like to rent a "Bobcat" and push back all the brush into the woods. We enjoy all the wildlife and birds that we see because there is a "habitat" there, but we are thinking about cleaning it out a bit so it could be more useful to our family (think winter sledding).

Does anyone know how to get rid of "Japanese bamboo?" This is growing in abundance in the woods and on the hill. It is ugly and keeps coming back no matter how often we cut it down.

Please help us to stop the dumping in our yard. Our neighbors have come to think they have the right, I guess. Please help this "brown-thumbed" woman to get the yard looking halfway decent, Lord. Thank you for all the beautiful birds and the little rabbits that hop through our yard. They are a reminder of your greatness.


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Mary B said...

You've seen my moms front yard- she planted rocks after threatening the grass that refused to grow. I would definitely push it back-- if you change your mind it will come back. I would agree with the sign. The way the fence is people may nopt realize you own the property. In fact it would allow for a driveway. Unfortunately I also have a brown thumb and no idea how to get rid of certain plants.