Saturday, July 26, 2008

New computer

My DH surprised me by bringing home a new computer the other night. My old one was getting to be VERY slow, and the drivers could not be updated anymore. DH said that I needed a better computer for all of the school things I do. I didn't need a monitor as my old died quite a while ago, so DH had already replaced that. The biggest change is the operating system. This computer has Windows Vista. My old one had XP. We will swap around some hardware and create an updated computer for our children. The hard drive on the computer they have been using is larger than the hard drive my old one, so we will swap that hard drive into the tower and possibly leave my old one in as a slave drive for backup. This will make their computer faster. Of course, I have been slowing tightening up on the amount of computer time, and I will be adding stricter parental controls. It never ceases to amaze me how sneaky they can be. Even YDS will try to play games we have told him are not allowed. Right now YDD has been a bit defiant and ignoring the computer use rules.
She is away at the Challenge summer Convention. I am praying that the Lord can break through to her heart while she is there. I have been seeing an awful lot of vanity and "boy craziness." I am not liking it one bit. I think I need to borrow my friend Mary's book about how to find a good spouse......

Dear Lord,
Thank you for giving me a considerate husband. He tells me frequently how much he loves me and he does things around the house to help out when I least expect it. Please be with YDD while she is at camp, Lord. Shine in her heart and soften it. Show her how much she is loved, please, and help to realize how shallow her behavior has been. Bless the Consecrated women and co-workers who have charge of the girls at the convention. May Your Spirit guide them as they seek to lead the campers closer to You.

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Mary B said...

You are welcome to borrow it -- its by Steve Woods. How to find a great Husband