Sunday, July 20, 2008

Concert Review

Well, Joe Cocker opened for the Steve Miller band, so I will address his show first. While Joe Cocker's show is still a real rocking concert, Joe Cocker himself has lost some of his ability. The vocals were very difficult to hear over the music, which was the fault, I am sure, of someone at a mixing board, and not the vocalists themselves. Joe has lost some of his range, so his lows are not as low, and his highs are not as high. There were a couple of times throughout the show when he seemed to substitute volume for tone. All in all, it was enjoyable, and everyone in the audience seemed to have a good time. Joe is fun to watch as he "plays" the music with his hands at his sides while he sings. His bass guitarist really rocked as did his saxophonist and keyboardist. I wished that his bass guitarist and his backup singers had dressed a little more modestly. Showing a lot of skin does not make up for a lack of talent or highlight true talent.

Now, on to The Steve Miller band. All I can say is WOW! Steve Miller plays so many different types of music, that unless you really followed his band, you would not know they were all Steve Miller. He had at least 8 guitar changes, with at least 6 different guitars, and the whole place was on its feet dancing and singing along. Unlike Joe Cocker, Steve Miller does not seem to have lost any of his vocal range. He played a variety of music that included a couple of covers of R&B music and a tribute to Bo Diddley as well as many of his standards. Space Cowboy was not in his original line up for the night, but one of the stage crew asked for it, so he played it. We left during the encore because we had family obligations (our oldest at home needed to be to work for midnight), so I don't know if he played the Joker. He had not played it when we left. The light show and stage set were spectacular and complemented the music extremely well.

My DH and I discussed music all the way home from the concert (an hour and 20 minutes). We bemoaned the fact that so much of the music on the radio that our teenagers hear is vulgar and there is no subtlety to it. While some of this new generation of "musicians" (for lack of a better term), may have talent, they seem to have no finesse. What we saw and heard last night, while some of it was definitely suggestive, was so much more technically brilliant that I sat in awe while watching Steve Miller play the guitar. He can make sounds with a guitar so effortlessly that it looks easy.

I am not uncomfortable having my kids hear Steve Miller's music. For the most part, it is fun music. It gets you dancing. It does not denigrate anyone. There is no nasty language. It was refreshing. The band looked like they enjoyed themselves, too.

Now, the best part of the evening was being alone with my DH for 7 whole hours without interruptions of any kind. We walked around the Comcast Center in Mansfield and held hands and chatted and just enjoyed ourselves. We have not done anything like that in many years. Normally we have oodles of children around us no matter where we are, and due to the nature of our business, we don't get out much.

Dear Lord,
Thank You for giving DH and I an opportunity to just be together and have a good time. We appreciated the talent you gave to the musicians. We enjoyed each other. We enjoyed watching Your children all around us dance and sing. Thank You for keeping our children safe while we were apart from them for the evening. I feel refreshed from having had this little break in the normal. Also, Lord, thank You for the new babies You have sent to my friends. They are beautiful and true blessings.


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