Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Of Priests and politics

As I was reading this post at Creative Minority Report, I starting thinking about what I truly believe is important in American politics. I had read another post earlier this week that made me realize just how much we all will demonize a person who disagrees with our political views. This was after the Pfleger incident. Anyway, The whole thing has me thinking about my own political views.

I understand the "social welfare" issues that many believe the government should address in the way of more entitlements, but the fact of the matter is, the government screws things up whenever it tries to help. The words, "we're from the government and we're here to help," should send everyone running for the hills.

Personally, I will not vote for a candidate who is "pro-choice." The term "pro-choice" is a lie. The baby, whose DNA only resembles the mother's by half, has no choice. Often, the mother has been lied to regarding the child. She has been told that the baby is not a baby, but a blob of tissue. She has been led to believe that left to grow into a baby, this "blob of tissue" will ruin her life, or is "inconvenient." She has also been told that abortion is a very simple procedure, "no big deal." This lie infuriates me. Abortion is a surgical procedure which carries risks. It can and does kill women. It can cause future infertility or future inability to carry a pregnancy to term. Women who go to clinics in desperation are not informed of these risks, and some of them die as a result. It is horrible to think of all the babies who have so unceremoniously been murdered. It is equally horrible to think of all the women who suffer silently day after day because they realize after the fact the enormity of the decision to murder their own child.

I have it heard it said that abortion s an issue on which we can expect little change, but I contend that no matter how much a candidate promises to care or people, his or her opinion on abortion tells the real story, for if we do not uphold the sanctity of ALL human life, we really have no respect for ANY human life. All of the lip service in the world about caring cannot change that.

Dear Lord,
Please help us all as we discern for whom we should vote in the upcoming presidential election. Help us to examine the issues at hand and to be aware of the enormity of the ramifications this election could have. May we seek Your counsel as we pray for our leaders.


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one_big_pain said...

Yes! You are absolutely right and I echo this entire post.

Yes, I did make my blog private for a while. We've had an accident in the family which I blogged about. My nephew played in a couple of bands which are very popular in this area. They've had problems with fans coming into the hospital and then they started doing searches on the internet. I felt what I had written was a little too personal for so many of these people to read . . .

I added you, and hopefully will ony be private for the short-term.

Contratulations on ODDs graduation - microbiology - whew!