Sunday, June 08, 2008

The first.....

The first thing I thought today: OUCH! (I had a leg cramp that woke me up)
The first thing I ate today: a donut after Mass at coffee hour
The first thing I drank today: Orange juice at coffee hour after Mass
The first thing I said today: We have church this morning
The first action I did today: Jumped out of bed to try and assuage the leg cramp
The first thing I read today: Church bulletin
The first item of clothing: matching skirt and top for church
The first person I spoke to today: YDS who woke happy but was a handful ALL DAY!
The first chore I did today: cleaned the trash can out after taking out the old bag
The first blog I visited today: Cheryl's then Mary's
First Pleasant surprize: The AHS choir singing that "every creature, everybody praise the Lord" during graduation ceremonies. This is a public school (YAY!)
Tag? anyone who wants to !

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