Friday, April 25, 2008

Science Expo

Well, we took this week off as a "school vacation week" except for today. Today we went to a science expo in Connecticut. There was a science "show" called Dr. Quintin Quark: The Notion of Motion and was about Newton's 3 laws of motion. You can find more information about his show here. In looking through the exhibit hall guide (after the fact, of course) I noted that there were notations that indicated which exhibits were a "good choice for younger children." My children enjoyed an exhibit that used liquid nitrogen to chill marshmallows and also demonstrated the insulation abilities of space shuttle outer tiles by heating a tile red hot with a blow torch and allowing the children to feel the heat radiating from the tile, and then turning the tile over to have them touch it on the cool side. All in all, it was good day. Oh, did I mention the cost for this? $0.0! Yes, it was free!

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