Saturday, April 12, 2008

I've got the urge to:

I was tagged by my friend Mary to fill out this "survey"

I've got the urge to....

1. run screaming from my home and enter the nearest cloister (but I won' isn't my calling right now)

2. quit homeschooling my children and stay home eating bon-bons all day (tongue in cheek here)

3. let my DH stay home with the children and find a full time nursing job with benefits

4. go away on an Ignatian silent retreat (wish I could)

5. buy all the new curriculum I want for next year

6. pretend we are done with school for this year and just play

7. buy a new car RIGHT NOW (desperately need one)

8. go shopping with a friend for desperately needed new clothes (for me...can you believe it?)

9. be brave enough to just unschool

10. be able to "fix" my MSS who is a daily challenge to this family.

I don't have any blogs friends to tag who have not already been tagged, so anyone who wants to do this can.

Be blessed!


Mary B said...

I'm with you on the cloister or silent retreat!

Cheryl said...

We were there for Armand's first communion, but didn't see you afterwards. Maybe we'll see you this Thursday. Take care!