Friday, March 07, 2008

wow...a month since I last posted

This past Sunday I attended a Catholic Women's Conference in my diocese. The first speaker was Fr. Benedict Groeschel. If you ever have the opportunity to hear this dynamic man speak, take it! Fr. Groeschel was the reason I attended the conference. The other speakers did not entice me at all.

The second speaker was the author, Lorna Kelly. I missed most of her talk because I was waiting to meet Fr. Groeschel and have him sign a copy of one of his books. I caught the end of Ms. Kelly's talk, and what I heard was entertaining and gave some insight into Mother Theresa.

The final speaker was an SSJ. I must admit that the moment I see SSJ after a woman's name, I am wary. I don't know if it holds true across the country, but SSJ's in this area are very liberal. They are the women who think women should be priests, etc.

I really, really tried to be open minded and to listen to the talk this SSJ gave. The title of her talk was Touchstones of Grace. After the definition of touchstones, I did not find anything in her talk to be relating to touchstones. She was extremely boring; so much so that many of the women who remained in the auditorium were actually asleep. Many women got up and left during her talk. She dropped a lot of names (I remember Baudelaire several times in particular), but there was no substance to the talk for me. She really totally lost me when she started talking about Hindus and Buddhist monks in saffron robes. There may have been a more appropriate time and place for her talk, but in my opinion a Catholic Womens' Conference was not it.

There was adoration in the afternoon. There was also something called "the Hem of the Robe" service in which the Blessed Sacrament is carried among the people (much as Christ walked among the people). We were told that many healings have occurred at services such as this. It was really beautiful. The day ended with Mass. Our Bishop presided. Our Bishop seems okay, but he is a bit PC. He was assigned here because of his reputation as a no nonsense guy when our diocese was in the middle of scandal. There has been less scandal since he took over, but things seem a bit sterile. Of course, maybe that is because I am seeing the politics. It never ceases to amaze me the our Heavenly Father loves us enough to continually give us opportunities to rise to the occasion or fall down and need to be picked up again.

Sorry for rambling.

May God Bless anyone reading this.

Dear Lord,
I believe that there are times when even the best speaker will not be remembered if what they are saying is not what You want me to hear. Please speak to my heart and help me to know Your will.


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