Tuesday, December 04, 2007

We remain in the fire

For some reason, we never seem to get out of the fire. I figure God has a plan, and he is using all these trials to shape us to his image. Our latest trials: Guardianship papers that my ex-husband filed for my 19 year old son. You can read about ODS here. On top of that, my Memere is in the hospital with a massive bladder infection and a bowel obstruction, and my father-in-law suffered a brain aneurysm late Sunday/early Monday. The aneurysm is inoperable and so we are simply waiting for him to die. We are praying for death to come quickly.

This situation with my father-in-law has given me pause to think about what I believe to be proper care. DH and I had been discussing feeding tubes prior to this incident, and we both agree (along with the late Pope John Paul II) that food and water are ORDINARY care. My DH's family, while professing to be be Catholic, think it is alright to deprive father-in-law of food and water if he does not pass away according to their imagined schedule. I am reminded of Terry Schiavo, and I do not really want to be in the middle of this sort of battle. After my father-in-law is buried, I may speak my piece on this. I am praying that he goes quickly. He has been ready to go since his wife died in December of 2005.

My YDS is having a really hard time with this. He has been pretty agitated and loud. I am trying hard to remember that he is 7 and that he probably does not really have the communication skills to express how he feels. The bright side of Pepere lingering for a couple of days is the opportunity to say goodbye. I took YDS to the hospital this morning because he asked to go. YDD said it would be too hard for her so she stayed at home. Surprisingly, 2 of my 3 stepsons expressed a desire to see Pep before he passes away. DH brought them to see him.

Dear Lord,
I know you have a plan. I believe you are allowing us to be in the refining fire for your glory. I am sorry that I sometimes get angry with our situation. Please forgive me for this. I feel sometimes like we are going through life with blinders on so that we can see only what is right in front of us. I know that you see the whole picture and that you know all the answers. Please help me to remember this.



Mary B said...


Mary B said...

That should be praying for you all.

S William said...

I hope that the fire turns out to be nothing more than a guiding light. My best wishes to you.