Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh boy...

YDD's MP3 player
A gift from my brother

A DS Lite similar to YDS'

Christmas is not even here yet and my children are swimming in gifts. My dear neighbor is in her 60's and has no children. She has adopted mine for the purpose of Christmas spoiling. She went away to her sister's home for Christmas this year so we had to have pizza and gifts with her before she left. A new MP3 player and oodles of new duds for YDD, Halo 3 and new "hoodies" for the teen boys, and a...can you stand it?.....Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition with...can you count them....10 games....for YDS. Oh, and oodles of new clothes for YDS, too. Then there was the package that my brother who resides in Dublin, Ireland sent. He got it through this One Laptop Per Child program. Apparently, you can buy one and donate it and get another one for a child or children in your life. My children's is lime green. We need to get either a) a wireless router, b) an USB ethernet adapter, or c) some other gadget that will connect a wireless laptop to the internet in a home that is currently wired.

Sheesh...and Christmas isn't even here yet!

I hope everyone I know is truly blessed this year!

Dear Lord,
Please help us to remember that this holiday is a HOLY day. The day when we remember Your greatest gift to us...Your precious son...the Word incarnate. Thank you, Lord!



Cheryl said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Easter A. said...

What wonders God has prepared for his children! And how marvelously he blesses them. Thank you for sharing.