Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rush hour miracle

Since last I blogged, my middle step son who had been in a juvenile lock up has been placed in my home, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and yesterday I had an adventure.

Yesterday was Tuesday. Every Tuesday, my younger daughter, the only girl in the house right now, has Challenge Club. We pick up another Challenge Club member, and I drop off parts of my brood at various destinations. Often, my oldest and youngest step sons go to the library and then to their mom's house.

Yesterday, I heard a noise in the front end of my van as I drove to the bread thrift store after dropping the children off at their various locations. I thought I may have picked something up in my passenger side front tire. When I arrived back at the Challenge meeting, I checked the tire. Everything looked ok.

When Challenge was over, we all climbed into the van to go home. The boys had been dropped off at the Challenge meeting, so I only had to drop off my daughter's friend, pick up the youngest, and go home.

As we drove, the noise in the front became louder, and I noticed a vibration in the steering. I was praying, "Lord, please get me home."

There is not a single good location on this route where I could have pulled over. I called DH and asked him to meet me at our friends' home as I was having car problems. I didn't tell him what the problem was, though.

We got to within 3 blocks of our first destination when it front passenger side tire flew off of my van. This was between 5:30 and 5:45. It was rush hour. We were on a VERY busy road. Fortunately, I was in the right hand lane so I was able to pull over quickly. My tire did hit the rear wheel well of someone else's truck causing a dent. God was with us, though! There were no other vehicles involved, and no one was injured.

I called my DH and told him I was not going to make it to our friends' home and I told him what had happened. I called my friend to meet me and pick up her daughter. She actually took my daughter, too. I exchanged insurance information with the woman whose truck was hit. Her first question was, "Is everyone alright?"

Then I looked for my tire. It had landed in a strip mall parking lot. It was undamaged. In inspecting my van, we discovered that there were no bolts or lug nuts left to hold the tire on.

DH arrived and called AAA. He waited with the van and the remaining children and I travelled on to our friends' home to pick up the other 2 children. the tow truck arrived pretty quickly, and by the time I got the children home, DH was ready to be picked up at our mechanic's shop.

I had images of huge repair bills dancing before me as I waited for the mechanic to call today. He finally got a chance to look at the van and looked up the prices for the parts. He called and said, "It will be $96.66 to do the repairs. Do still want me to fix it?"

I almost laughed out loud, or maybe I did laugh out loud....I asked if there was any damage to any other parts, and I was told that everything looked ok, but he would call me back if there was any damage he couldn't see yet. The only other call I got about the damage was to say the van was ready for pickup and the whopping total I had already been quoted.

Thank you for my Rush hour miracle. When I think about how much worse this situation could have been, I am awed by Your goodness. Thank you for keeping my van together when I was on the highway yesterday. I shudder to think what would have happened at 60 m.p.h. Praised be the name of the Lord!


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