Saturday, September 22, 2007

Video games

I went to visit my son this afternoon and he had friends visiting and he was palying video games with them. Each day brings new surprises. While video games are not my favorite thing, it was nice to see him doing something he has enjoyed for years. His sense of humor is really starting to show through, too. I brought him a TV guide so he can decide what he wants to watch this week. He is allowed 2 programs a day. His favorite TV character was on the cover of the TV guide for this coming week: House. He enjoys that program so much that he owns at least one season on DVD. I noticed on the notice board at the Rehab that they have a Catholic Mass televised followed by a coffee hour. I mentioned it to my son. I hope he returns to the sacraments soon.

Thank you for continuing to bring healing to my dear son. I am encouraged by all the improvements. Lord, if it be Your will, allow the removal of the cervical collar on Monday. I know You have a plan, Lord. Please draw ODS closer to you in this time of his need.


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one_big_pain said...

Very encouraging news! I, too, cling to the verse "Raise up a child in the path he should go and when he is old he will not stray from it."

I've got two I pray find their way back to the church.

You continue in my prayers.