Wednesday, September 19, 2007


ODS is improving every day. I brought him a chalupa from Taco Bell today. We had to request no lettuce, but otherwise he could have all the rest of it. We did have to cut it up and feed it to him with a fork, but he enjoyed it! He was quite chatty today and even initiated conversation by asking each of his siblings how they were doing today. I am praising God. Please continue to pray.


Melissa said...

Continued prayers! I am so happy to hear of your son's improvement!!!

one_big_pain said...

So good to hear good news! Answered prayers = many blessings.


Cheryl said...

I'm glad that your son is improving. To answer your question, the Bible study didn't really happen. It ended up being a nice visit with Mary Kate and her family. I'll continue to pray for you and your son.