Sunday, July 08, 2007

What to do?

My YDS is 7, but sometimes at church he behaves like he is 2. I have tried spanking, grounding and taking away his computer privileges and video game privileges(which he only gets on weekends anyway). Some weeks he is wonderful, but others, like this week, he climbs under the pews and behaves disrespectfully. I have tried reminding him that church is God's house, and he claims to love the Lord, but still the behavior does not get better. YDS wants to receive Communion. I have tried to explain to him that in order to receive the Lord in Communion, he must behave respectfully.

Maybe some Catholic moms and dads out in blogland could give me some ideas that have worked for them.

YDS can be the sweetest, most loving and caring little boy, yet when we enter Your house on Sunday, I never know how he will behave. Please help me to discern where this problem lies, and help me to show my son how to change his heart.



Mary B said...

3 thoughts: 1-Maybe set his sights higher: altar serving. Can you sit where he can see everything they do?
2- who do you sit near? Sometimes having the same big kids nearby that are good or an older man he respects helps.
3- I wonder if Father would talk to him for you?

Anonymous said...

Strangely my now 8 year old is the opposite..wonderful in Church & more boisterous out. he has served with great reverence every day for over a year. How about getting your son trained well to might be less 'boring' for him, & make him feel important..just a thought..

God bless

Christine said...

Mary and Mrs. Jackie Parkes MJ,

Altar servers in our church start a little older. I am starting to think that daily mass at 7 a.m. might be worth a try, although getting out of the house to be at mass that early will be a challenge. I think that having his older brother sitting next to him yesterday was part of the problem. Last week, YSS was not at mass, and YDS was wonderful.....After mass yesterday a woman with whose children Emma used to go to school came up to YDS and told him that "every Sunday is Mother's day and you need to behave for your mom." It was kind of comical because YDS was so grumpy and she was smiling at him the whole time. :)

Simply Hollie said...

I came across your blog while oput walking and wanted to comment, I have a 9yr old daughter who has trouble with reverence at church( we arent Catholic though), I expect her to be reverent and partcipating singing, praying, till after the sacrament is served, then when the message is being done I give her a weenotebook, and let her draw, that way I can get spirtually feed too and dont come away from church feeling drained. For us it has been working,as well she sits right beside me, so I can whisper in her year if needed but we often use ASL's sign for reverence.

Muddy Mama said...

My twin boys were such a handful at Mass.(Once in a while they still are.)I dreaded taking them. whining, repeated requests to go to the bathroom, laying on the floor under the pew, or actually trying to climb over the top of the pew. I was just mortified! We then began sitting in the front. Yes the very front row, or just behind. They could see what was going on. It really did help. It takes some courage and they still weren't good for the whole Mass but it was better. The hardest time for them was the homily, so that was when I pulled out my secret weapon. I got them each a cheap photo album at the dollar store and filled each page with holy cards. They loved the pictures and would sit quietly looking at them. I changed the cards often and they were only allowed to have the albums at Mass. This made them special. You might try looking for holy cards of the martyrs. Some of the images seemed slightly gruesome to me but the boys seem to find those the most interesting.