Sunday, July 01, 2007

Update on Baby Charlie

Things are going much better for my blog friend Katy's little one, but keep on praying. To read the latest, visit her here.

Thank you for the awesome miracles that have occurred in little Charlie. Help his parents to cope with their current strange living situation. Restore the swallow reflex to Charlie so that he can nurse and grow. To You is the glory of all the wonderful things that You have already done for him.



Bloggeezer said...

Thx for the update - I'll go visit her in a sec, but first...

(re: your comment)


The year is 1969, and the Fab Four had decided to disband. They are working furiously, in long grueling recording sessions, to finish the Abbey Road album.

After one such session, George Harrison is walking around in the garden of his buddy, Eric Clapton, simply grateful that the long day is finally over, and he gets the idea for and writes "Here Comes The Sun".

The song would go on to become Harrison's most famous contribution, and his most beloved work.

When Here Comes The Sun first hits the air waves in the US that year, there was a very angry 24-year-old walking around the streets of LA, trying to come to terms with his Vietnam experiences.


Yeah, Here Comes The Sun is another one of my time machines.



Suzanne said...

Please tell Charlie's mom that I will keep her in my prayers and I have a little saint in Heaven who will too!
Little St. David...I'll request it!
God be with her..I so remember that tired out feeling in the hospital.
It is terrifying and tiring and you feel a bit of in another world..on another planet. Oh, God be with them. Amen