Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well, I finally decided on a name for our home school. Drum roll please........By His Grace Domestic Academy. It has taken me over a year to name our school. I felt like most of the Marian names were taken, and my DH, while raised Catholic is not currently a practicing Catholic (although he has recently begun coming to Mass), so he gets a bit touchy about things relating to Mary at this point in his life.

By His Grace, though, really suits our home school, for it is by His grace that we home school.

I believe that educating at home is a vocation. We have been called to educate our children at home, just as some people are called to send their children to public school and others are called to send their children to private schools, either Catholic or secular. It has been difficult explaining to some in our family why we do this. My parents are still wondering when I am going to put the kids in school and go back to work. It amazes me that so many people don't think of what we stay at home moms/teachers do as not working. Often, I am up first and to bed last. While I do get some help from the children for our household chores, the fact remains that I do a majority of the work. My children are being trained to do the work, so one of my jobs is to train them in these responsibilities. I must train them first to know, love and serve God, then to love and serve their family. I must train them to love their neighbors. The building of their character is one of my most important "jobs."

Before I became a SAHM and home educator, I worked outside my home and was tired and frustrated at the end of the day. My children bore the brunt of this. When DH told me to quit my job, I was ecstatic. While we have less "stuff" as a result of our choices, we are all happier. At least I think we are all happier. I know I am happier, although some days I can still be grumpy.

Today we stopped at the local grain store. It is so much more than that, though. They have a little bit of everything. We stopped there because we heard crowing while we were driving by. The children were excited to find out that the crowing was coming from Roosters they had for sale. They also had a couple of hens. I was able to explain to the children the differences between the roosters and hens. Every day presents an opportunity to learn something. I love to sneak the learning into the children's lives. They don't even know we are "schooling" some of the time. :-)

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the Grace which allows me to be home with my children. Please help me to remain thankful for all the gifts you have placed in our lives. Please help me to appreciate my children's differences, and to recognize their strengths.



Cheryl said...

I loved this post and I think your school name is awesome!

Ebeth said...

Good going, Christine. Naming the homeschool is a big responsibility as..well here in NC they don't let you change it, so if you started out like us at the beginning and called "Little Rosary Beads of love school" Your child, if homeschooled all the way through, would have to graduate from "Little Rosary Beads of Love" school.....for the rest of their live!! The name Ann has been passed down in my Irish Catholic family for several generations, so we are "St. Ann's Academy". I love it when people ask our children where they go to school and they say, "St Ann's Academy" Then they ask, "Where's that?"