Saturday, July 14, 2007

Alas, poor Freddy, we knew you well....

We discovered this morning that one of our two gerbils was dead. I don't remember him moving around much yesterday, so he could have been dead for a whole day. Poor Cuddles, our remaining gerbil now has to live all alone in the cage.

Having gerbils has been an adventure. We got them in February of 2005. They chewed through 3 cages during their tenure here. It was interesting trying to catch them when they got out of their cage by chewing their way out. We also had to chase them a couple of times when the cats knocked their cage over. They are really kind of cute little things.

Of course, DH bought them for our 2 youngest boys without talking to me about it first, so I was not happy about having them. I was assured that they would take care of Fred and Cuddles. That lasted about a month. I have had the displeasure of caring for them and cleaning their cage ever since. A mom's work is never done.

I know that are gerbils were both the same gender as they never had babies. We have heard that two males together could be quite aggressive toward one another, so we figure we probably had two females.

According to this article on gerbil care, gerbils do best in pairs or families. I wonder if Cuddles will be okay alone now, or if he will pine away.

The children were not as upset as they might have been. We have several pets, so I think this loss was not as a big a deal as if the gerbils were our only pets. YDD is more concerned that Cuddles will miss Fred than anything else. Now if one of our cats had died......I shudder to think of the grief that the children would probably express.

Thank you for giving us beautiful little animals to keep us company. I have come to realize that our stewardship of our pets can be a reflection of how we treat others. Help the children to cope with any sadness they may feel, especially YDD as she seems to have taken this loss the hardest.


P.S. Baby Charlie is home from the hospital. You can read the update here.

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Bloggeezer said...

Ahhh, it's so sad to lose one of our little furry companions, isn't it?

Christine, just wanted to say Thank You, so much, for your recent visits. Your support, and that of my other blog friends has been especially comforting here lately.