Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The library and other adventures

We went to the library on Monday. This is the sign we see from the street just before we turn into the library parking lot. This is the branch we usually go to every week. It is really not more than one big room with lots of books.
This is Mr. Sullivan with YDD and YDS. He is our favorite librarian. He always has a smile and a friendly word, and he is always willing to help us find what we need, even if it means searching the online database of other libraries to find it. He knows us all by name.
This is one of YDS' favorite reasons to hang out at our little local branch library. He also enjoys the wooden puzzle of the United States they have. We have even borrowed it, he likes it that much!
This is the sign that is WAY up high on the main library. We went to both our little branch and the main library this week. The main library is not really convenient, but we had to be near it one day this week on other errands so we stopped in.
After entering the children's room, the fish tank meets you as you approach the area with younger children's books. My children love the fish tank. YDS always wants to feed the fish, but that is not allowed, so we sometimes put change in the bank that is set up for upkeep of the tank. I didn't get a picture of it, or of the elephant shaped book drop that YDS always wants to "feed" as well.
There are several large plastic canvas crafts throughout the library which were donated by one family. This castle is one of them. There is also a dollhouse.
These bright, cushy fellows sit atop the bookcase that YDS still gets many of his books from, although, he is reading so well, that sometimes he finds these books "babyish" now.
This is the view looking across the children's room from the fish tank. I lied when I said I didn't have a photo of the bank for the fish tank upkeep...it is that squiggly, green thing on the table. It is funny, but I have never seen anyone actually SIT on this furniture.
Over here we have more furniture and a play area. There are a couple of activity tables. I know my son has used them. I have never seen all that many people in this children's room. My little branch always has several people in it, though.
This is the haul of books that YDS brought home. Of course, he is in summer vacation mode, so getting him to read is becoming a bit of a challenge. Maybe I need to institute a mandatory reading time each day......The books that YDD brought home are under the pile of YDS' books. I don't have to fight with her to get her to read. She has turned into a real bookworm this year.

And that concludes our tour. I hope you enjoyed it!


one_big_pain said...

I did, indeed, enjoy the tour.

When I was a kid libraries were a pretty cold place to visit - but I was there at least every week. Now they seem so warm and inviting! I've got one complete bookworm, one who struggles, but likes to read, and one who would rather do just about anything BUT read. Kids . . .


Cheryl said...

I did enjoy the tour. I love the pictures. I grew up going the library in downtown. It looks so different.

Leonie said...

Great pics - love the look of both libraries!