Friday, June 08, 2007

Cleaning out Memere's

Yesterday my 2 youngest children and I met my father at Memere's apartment. We boxed dishes and food and cleaning products. We packed up clothing . Whatever the family does not want will go to Goodwill Industries.

While we were cleaning and packing and throwing away, my uncle arrived to eat his lunch. He kept Memere company every day at lunch and dinner time while she lived in this little apartment. I think he is having a difficult time with this transition. He has a history of mental illness, but has really gotten much better in the last ten years. He owns his own cleaning business now, and really seems to enjoy the work. He is quite intelligent, and in many ways, I think the the movie A Beautiful Mind describes a lot about his life journey. While my uncle never married, he did do battle with schizophrenia, and now functions without the aid of medication. He, like John Forbes Nash, also stopped taking his medication and suffered the hallucinations that come with schizophrenia. He couldn't stand to be doped up.

It was a kind of bittersweet thing to do. I figured the children would have a life lesson. Unfortunately no one in my family could have Memere come live with them. My parents have an extra room, but my mother still works full time. Dad is semi retired, but they both have health problems so taking care of Memere would be extremely taxing. One of my uncles is described above. He has a tiny little efficiency apartment and as the youngest, works over 50 hours a weeks. My father's older brother's wife has Parkinson's disease, and he cares for her in their little handicapped accessible apartment. He also helps to watch out for his mother-in-law who is quite elderly.

I have no extra room in my tiny house. So Memere is in a nursing home. I have pleased so far in my dealings with them. They are nice and seem quite loving. The facility is clean. There is no urine or disinfectant smell when you walk in.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help out in this situation. Bless Memere as she closes out her time in this life. Help my uncle to deal with this transition. Help my dad and my other uncle to deal as well.



Rosemary Bogdan said...

Christine, thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is very interesting and I will be back. My mother was in a nursing home for ten years. It's hard. But I do think the care that she received allowed us to have her with us for that long.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Christine, I just realized I have been here before. I didn't recognize you at first. :-) (a senior moment)