Monday, June 11, 2007

The battle for my porch swing

I have a beautiful cedar wood porch swing. We have had it for around a year and a half. I like to sit on it in the morning and have my coffee and watch the birds at our feeders. Unfortunately, the birds like my swing, too. They have decided to build nests in my swing. I have cleared out the nests more than half a dozen times, and still, they persist. I think the culprit it this type of bird. They are cute, but they are making a mess.
We also have some of these. They could also be the culprits. There are also some of these beautiful little birds flying around.

There are photos of the swing, the nests and some of the visitors to my yard here.

The little birds flying around my yard are a beautiful part of your creation. I do not want to hurt them, but I am afraid of what may happen if they lay eggs in the porch swing nests. I enjoy my swing, and I do not mind sharing it. Help me to be a good steward in this situation, Lord. It seems that the little birds who are nesting in the swing have great perseverance. May I learn from them what ever lesson it is You feel I need. Open the eyes of my heart to see Your message and give me ears to hear, Lord.



Rosemary Bogdan said...

Awww. Sweet post. Through the intercession of St. Francis may God give you wisdom and grace in this situation. Do you think a nearby birdhouse would help?
I have a porch swing I love too.

Christine said...

We have a birdhouse nearby....the birds avopid it. LOL!