Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Winding Down

As we wind down our school year, I am humbled. I had grandiose plans for how much we would accomplish this year. We were going to study Latin, we would listen to Classical music while my children calmly did their work. We would look at art masterpieces and appreciate all the differences in texture and color. We would even create a few masterpieces of our own. Things went along swimmingly for about the first 5 minutes of the first day. LOL Then reality came crashing down. Latin was put aside, we went backwards in Arithmetic to get over the "mental block" YDD had to get over before she could achieve in that area. YDS has learned to read, and he is working on a second grade level. Now if I could only get him to be more quiet.....or to stop climbing on everything in sight...when he is supposed to be working.

On top of all that, we had emotional upheaval with MSS assaulting DH, OSS staying here for a week after Christmas and YSS coming over sporadically. I am certain that all the uncertainty that my step sons have in their lives affects my children. I know Mondays after a weekend with DH's boys are very difficult (more difficult than a "regular" Monday).

All in all, I think we have had a very productive year. We may not have finished the Unit Study on James and the Giant Peach, but we did get used to working together and playing together. Latin didn't really get studied this year, but we have not given up on it. We are interested in pursuing it further next year....or maybe over the summer...we'll see. Both children learned to color better, and YDD's handwriting, while still sloppy, has improved immensely. She is learning to take pride in her work.

Most of all, I think we have all come closer to our Lord. While we have not been great about praying together every day, we pray together more frequently than we ever had before. We say Grace before meals, and the children will remind the adults to bless the meal if we forget in our hurry and busy-ness. I have seen the greatest change in YDD. Bringing her home has changed her heart. She has softened and become more obedient. She understands better that she cannot have everything or do everything. She is kinder to her brother. YDS has learned to behave more respectfully at Mass. He longs to join in the Eucharist. He loves Jesus and is not afraid to tell anyone. He can still try my patience to no end, but he is learning and growing and changing, perhaps sooner than I am truly ready for.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the gift of children. I am learning patience (I think). You have said that the kingdom belongs to such as these. Help me to rekindle that child like faith. Help me to stop over analyzing everything. Help to just "Let go and Let God."
Please help me to recall that my main goal for my children is the attainment of heaven and that it is by my example that they learn how to get there.



Michelle said...

Christine, the same thing happens to me every year....having all these ideals (which can be good) but then reality kicks in and we need to readjust. Overall it sounds like your school year has been truly edifying!

Mary B said...

Amen to that prayer!

Melissa said...

"Dear Lord,

Thank you for the gift of children. I am learning patience (I think)."

This is perhaps the best mother's prayer ever. Boy, can I identify.