Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why I will no longer refer to a quiz as a meme.

I received this comment on my post below. I don't think many of us think about the power a word caqn have, especially if a word may have more than one meaning or context.

xenspirit3 said...
Well, meme came into the lexicon by one Richard Dawkins in his book the Selfish Gene to explain away the existence of God, while simultaneously explaining the persistence of the idea of God. ( A meme is analogous to a gene.) So that was when I was beginning to lose my ardour for evolutionary theory. Not so much because of his statment, examples and so forth, but because the way he was saying that everything was just a meme which could no way approach the realities of the natural word. Well, I'm sort of an absolutist, and although I know that God is not approachable as one can approach the natural world, I know he is for real a person (albeit a type of person and unique in that personhood i.e., purely divine) I know that there is a structure and order to all of His creation, and we just can't go around nilly willy making anything up about it as the whim of our unguided and unprincipled thoughts shall carry us. I remember the moment exactly when I decided Richard Dawkins was a farce, because it was a moment of the obvious-ness of the frivolous underpinnings of the approach and gravity of his arguments. I remember thinking you can't sit here and make me slog through 3/4 of your book about gene replication and the body being just a vehicle and tell me this whole theory of yours is a metaphor, and not only that you will introduce the word meme to describe God as simply a metaphor. And if you are so into biological natural understandings of God, why do people like you in every natural book I read have to take a swipe at Him?
So that was where I was coming from. Well, I don't use those words in connection with the Mother of God or with God or the Faith; I was wondering what the Catholic Church was doing over there. Anyway, thanks for humouring this very long response. I've been a Christian in the Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith for 5 1/2 years, and I'm still a bit of a zealot. A grateful zealot.
May God answer the prayers of this poor sinner and Grant you peace."

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this insight into the word "meme" I am uncertain as to how it isnitially came into use in the context of "quizzes", but I will be careful not to use it in relation to You or to Your mother. I meant no offense, but I have learned that words can be taken in a context different than intended. Listen to my hear, Lord, for there are all the words that I am not capable of speaking.


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Mary B said...

I thought it was Me Me as in here is soemthing to know about me.