Saturday, May 05, 2007

The week in review

Well, we survived the week. YSS was removed from his mother's and is safe in a program that will transition him into our home (supposedly anyway....with the government who knows). OSS says he wants to come live here before social services decides to "yoink me out" in his words. MSS was moved from the juvenile detention center he was in to one in another city. He called DH today to give him the visiting hours and telephone number.
YDS had two teeth pulled yesterday. He did very well, and has not complained of pain at all.
YDD had four tubes of blood drawn on Thursday. She is being tested for arthritis because of some symptoms and a strong family history.

I went through all of YDS and YDD's clothes. We got rid of everything that no longer fit from YDD's drawers. YDS has several pairs of pants that are on the short side, but it has been so chilly that I am loathe to get rid of them yet. I really don't want to buy any long pants or long sleeve shirts until the fall....they just grow like weeds.

My next project is to get my portfolios together for the school department to demonstrate "educational progress over the past school year." and to start planning for the fall. Planning is the easy part.....LOL

Dear Lord,
Please guide me as I put together the portfolio for the school department. Guide me also as I begin to collect curriculum for the fall. It can be so easy to become overwhelmed by these tasks. I know my children have done well this year, and that they are gaining proficiency in all areas. I know they are more respectful than they were, and more obedient. Help me to put together the right things in my documentation to demonstrate this.


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