Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The pediatrician

YDS had his annual physical today. I don't really believe an annual physical is necessary, but last year he had not been there in 3 years and the docs freaked out a bit, so I brought him in this year just to allay their fears that he might not be growing properly or something. Of course, if there was a problem, as his mother, I think I just might notice! DUH! Of course, once the fact that we home school came up, the questions about socialization begin....
Doc: "Does he get a chance to socialize with other children?"
Me: "He plays with other children in our neighborhood and we participate in co-ops."
Doc: "Oh..good."

I wonder if he expected something like "No...we keep him locked in the house away from all other people"

All the while, I was thinking about a great home school comic strip I had seen this morning here.

The doc also said "You have four children? You're crazy." He didn't say it in a derogatory manner, more in an incredulous manner. He then proceeded to tell me he has three but 2 children are enough. I told him about my friend who has 7 children, 5 of whom were born by c-section, and her sister who has nine and is contemplating ten. My parting shot, though, was "Saying there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers. Mother Theresa said that."

Of course, the doc's son just turned 7 and YDS will be 7 in a couple of weeks. YDS told the doc he is in second grade. I wonder if the doc will figure out that YDS would only be in first grade in "regular school." LOL

By the end of the physical, the doc looked at me and said, "You're right to not have him in school. He wouldn't do well there. They'd dumb him down."

I replied, "I have no doubt that he would not be reading if he were in school." YDS is a very active little boy. A "regular" school would want to drug him into zombie hood so he would behave like a little girl....(my 2 cents on public school)

Thank you for the opportunity to provide my children with an education that is centered first on you. Please continue to guide us on the journey. Please open the eyes and hearts of those like the doc who believe that children who are schooled at home "lack socialization" or receive a less than adequate education. YDS is a very busy boy, but he is also very bright. Thank you for the allowing him to grow and develop as You would have him. He is 100% boy, made in Your image and likeness. May he shine with the light of Your love.


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xenspirit3 said...


Homeschooled children (the ones in good Christian homes) are scarey smart. I had to teach them one year and they learned so fast it was spooky. It was a writing class, and it just happened that the parents approach emphasizing spelling and grammer wasn't getting anywhere. I did teach grammar and stuff, but I used a different approach part very old school, (I taught them how to diagram and to begin how to parse a sentence-and I taught them that writing was another form of talking to a friend--I also lied and told them they wouldn't have to worry about spelling). And innocent at the same time. Since I've been in the Church, I'm really aware that the world has really fallen on the rearing of really intelligent individuals, and when I hear the conversations of the kids on the bus...I cringe to think these kids will be voting soon. But we should pray not only for their souls, but for the souls of those who deign to create such children. The millstone doth awaits...

Take care, my friend.