Saturday, May 26, 2007

The car

Well, ODD now has her own car. Memere's car to be exact. It is a 1985 VW Golf with 85,000 miles on it and my lovely daughter is the second owner. My parents bought it from Memere for her. Since Memere could no longer use it, being in the nursing home, it was just another thing of hers that needed to be sold or donated. ODD is quite happy with the car. I have mixed feelings. I no longer need to worry about hurrying home so ODD can use my vehicle to go to work, but on the other hand, she has more autonomy now....It can be so difficult to "cut the apron strings," so to speak.

Does every mother worry about their children the way that I now worry about ODD? Did MY mother worry that way about me when I got my first car? Please protect ODD as she spreads her wings a bit, Lord. Keep her safe, and keep her driving safely. Help me to give her enough room to test her wings without giving her too much room that she may become intimidated.



stephen said...

Hello Chrisitine!

Thanks for stopping by - 'preciate it.

I think all parents worry about their children - that's part of the job description of being a parent, isn't it? :)


Mary B said...

She'll be fine. At least its a safe car. And wait till she has to keep up with insurance payments!