Friday, May 11, 2007


I took my children bowling with our home school group today. They had such fun! When we arrived, there was a public school field trip going on there. There were children running around unsupervised, and they were extremely loud. The adult "chaperones" were not chaperoning these children. They were sitting around chatting and pretty much ignoring the students. The students were spending $$$ on junk food in vending machines and running through the bowling alley. I understand that not everyone can home school, and that some people feel that they are called to educate their children in public school. I am so grateful today that I am not one of them. The behavior I saw from these children reinforced that we have made the right decision for our children. I am so pleased with the attitudes of sharing and getting along between children of varying ages that our home schooled children demonstrated today.

Dear Lord,
Sometimes I get discouraged and think that I am not doing as good a job as you would have me do with these children with whom I have been entrusted. Thank you for the grace to see the love ands acceptance between them and their home school peers. My heart is lighter this afternoon for the vision of these children aged 1 month to 14 years old all getting along and playing together. What joy!


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