Tuesday, April 24, 2007

There but by the Grace of God.....

My ODD came home from school yesterday and told me that So and so was shot over the weekend. She went to CCD last night and came home and told me that not only had he been shot, but he had lost a leg as a result. I googled the young man's name and lo and behold, he had been shot on his front porch early Sunday morning and had lost so much blood (30 pints) that they were calling it a miracle that he survived. I have known this young man (age 18) since he and my ODS were in kindergarten together. He comes from a good family. He and his older brother, however, have had some trouble with the law in the last several years. They were involved in the death of another man during "a drug deal gone bad" as the situation has been called. The older brother is serving 12-14 years for voluntary manslaughter. The young man who was just shot was on probation for 6 months. He was, by all accounts, in the wrong place at the wrong time (hanging out with his brother). This particular young man, however, seemed to be working toward turning his life around. He was working and going to school. Now he is lucky to be alive at all. His family is now on the other side of the situation that has affected their lives so radically.

I am reminded that despite where we are in life, there are always those whose circumstances are harder.

Thank you for the ability to see beyond my circumstances. Help me to reach out to this family in whatever way You would have me. Help our boys who have had so much trouble of their own to avoid the circumstances of young Mr. I. I know that it is only Your grace which keeps us from these same situations.


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