Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Well, DH's father was sent home on Friday and readmitted to the hospital on Saturday afternoon. They had sent him home without making sure his digestion was working...so he wound up back in the hospital all blocked up. Not fun. On the other hand, my Mimmi was admitted to the hospital on Monday morning last week and was moved to a rehab facility on Sunday. They finally figured out that she has a fracture in her sacrum. Gee, no wonder she was in pain and couldn't stand up! Of course, she also finally told the doctors that she had collapsed into her chair after cleaning. I think that was what really did her in...she sat down too hard. She is 90 and has osteoporosis...DUH!

We finally had some winter here this past weekend. We got around 10 inches of snow on Friday night and another 2 inches last night. I am looking forward to some warm weather, though. I am tired of layers of clothes and still being cold!

Dear Lord,
I am trying to listen for your voice. I know you have a plan for my life and for the lives of my grandmother and father-in-law. I trust in you. I believe in your love and mercy. Please help us all to remember that you love us.


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