Thursday, March 22, 2007

Solemnity of Joseph

On March 19, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Joseph, Husband of Mary. I like to think about St. Joseph and what great strength it took for him to say yes to God and become Mary's husband. In that time and place, Mary could have been stoned to death for being unmarried and pregnant. Joseph could have cast the first stone. Being kind hearted, he had "decided to divorce her quietly," until God sent an angel to tell him it was true that she was carrying God's own son. Fast forward a few months...Joseph and Mary have to travel to Bethlehem....WHERE HIS FAMILY is from, and where he undoubtedly has relatives. They can't find a place to stay. Imagine Joseph's relatives telling him he is crazy to have married her....and not offering a place for them to stay. They turn to the Inns where they are told there is no room because of the census, and they wind up in a stable. A weaker man might have abandoned Mary and Jesus at that point, but Joseph stuck it out. He LISTENED to God when He sent a messenger and he was OBEDIENT. He took Mary and Jesus to Egypt when he was told to, even though it would have been easier not to go anywhere. I know how I would have felt about packing up and leaving home in the middle of the night with my own children (Travel with little children....on foot or donkey or the desert....egads!) never mind that Jesus was not his baby....

Dear Lord,
You blessed St. Joseph with strength of character and a gentleness of spirit. Please help me to be like him that I may learn to listen for You and be more obedient to You.



Phantom Seraphim said...

Hello, Christine. Christendom is a college, based in the Front Royal, VA area. It is one of the most conservative Catholic colleges (if not the most conservative) in North America. If you need to find a place to send your children to college, start your looking at Christendom -- trust me.

Phantom Seraphim said...

You do understand correctly, although I should say that the Latin Mass that is said on the Christendom College campus is the Mass of Paul VI, the way it was intended. It is not the Tridentine Latin Mass. Lovers of the Tridentine (such as myself) can go to it at St. John the Baptist parish on Sundays at noon. This church is off-campus, about ten miles away. It's fairly simple for students to get to, and a good number of students go there regularly. There are several other options for the Tridentine Latin Mass -- the second closest is an independent chapel associated with the SSPX, called St. Athanasius. It seems to me that you would not be interested in that one. The next one out is Old St. Mary's in Washington DC, which is probably the most popular one in the DC metropolitan.

If you want a different kind of tradition that goes back about another ten centuries, Holy Transfiguration is a Meklite-Catholic (Eastern Rite) parish in Mclean, VA, and it celebrates the liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.