Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Homeschool field trip

We went on a field trip to today to a Science Museum in a neighboring bigger city. This was planned with the science coop class that we had been in at the beginning of the "school year" but which proved to be a scheduling nightmare for us. I see the woman who coordinates the coop frequently, and she has invited us to participate in these field trips.

The program today was mostly about dinosaurs. Of course, the biggest problem with most "scientific" programs about dinosaurs is that they present evolution as fact instead of as theory. I was quite pleased with this presentation today, though. While they did talk about the "timeline" of hundreds of millions of years, the presenter stated everything like this: "Scientists Think that ...." While she didn't say "this is a theory" to the children, she definitely presented it in a manner consistent with the presentation of theory instead of fact. We had discussed prior to the trip that things might be presented a bit differently than what we believe. I must admit, that we all learned a few new things. We had not studied at all about the Rancho La Brea tarpits, but we learned quite a bit about them far as the types and quantity of animals that have been found there. Did you know that the fossils of over 2000 saber tooth cats (smilodon) have been found there? Or that there have been 59 different species remains found there?

There were also exhibits of artifacts and fine art, but YDS will only tolerate so much, and about half way through the day, I got a migraine, so while YDD went into other exhibits with another family, YDS and I were out in the yard where he could run around and burn some energy.

It was a beautiful spring day today, so outside was a good place to be. YDS seems to be coming down with a cold, though, so he was not quite as fast as he would normally be.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this program today. Thank you for the opportunity to educate my children as You lead. Please guide us as we enter the end of our structured school year. Education never really stops, even though we grow older or take a break from the more formal. Lord, help me to realize how much my children have learned and grown this year, and help me to continue on Your paths in guiding them.


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