Thursday, March 01, 2007

Explaing the facts

ODD is nearly 17 and has been driving since October or November (approximately 4 months, anyway). I have added her to my auto insurance as an additional driver. She pays the difference in the bill that adding her caused. I have also asked her to put $5.00 per week of gasoline in the car to accommodate her driving to and from work, CCD, the know..the everyday little trips. The other day she took the car on a trip that used approximately 1/4 tank or 3-4 gallons of gasoline. In my neck of the woods, this adds up to somewhere between $6 and $8. She then proceeded to tell me that she was "paid for two weeks of gas" because she put in $10. Of course, she says this to me on the fly. Today I explained to her that she is not paid for 2 weeks as the trip to visit BF at college because he was sick is an extra and uses more than her weekly gas amount. I got the standard "Whatever" teen reply. I am hoping that she got the picture....

Dear Lord,
Help me to teach ODD that she needs to be responsible for her costs when using the automobile. Help her as she drives to be a careful driver and to be mindful of the actions of the drivers around her on the road. Please be sure her Guardian Angel is alert at all times that she is not at home. Help me, also, Lord, to loosen the apron strings so she has the freedom she requires at this age with the safety net she also needs (even if she doesn't think she needs it).


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