Friday, January 19, 2007

About our home school

I am relatively new to homeschooling, having just brought my 10 year old home this year after kinder through grade 4 at a Catholic school. If I had been obedient to God, she would have been home last year, but I let fear get in the way of obedience.
My 6 year old has never been to "real" school as he refers to it. I bought simple materials from Rod and Staff for him for pre k and k, and I have continued with their handwriting and math programs. I will discontinue the use of their products when these workbooks are done because they are a Mennonite company and the more advanced the work, the more the differences in beliefs becomes apparent. The materials for the younger children are wonderful, and they have beautiful story books and coloring books at reasonable prices for little ones. I am not sure what I will do with him next year as he is about 6 months ahead right now.
I am trying to heed my dear friend Mary B's advice and not make any decisions in February and just enjoy this wonderful opportunity.
With my 10 yr old daughter, I have taken an entirely different route. She has a workbook for handwriting, and spelling, but that is it. We are kind of following the MODG fifth grade syllabus, but I have used a few materials from Laura Berquist's lists and a few I came across on my own. Both of my kids are getting bits and pieces of different curricula because I didn't find any one that had exactly what I wanted for each child. They are individuals, and their curricula have been purchased with that in mind. I have looked at CHC, and I love some of their things. I don't like other of their things. Seton has some wonderful books, so do MODG and OLVS not to mention Kolbe....the only thing I have been pretty strict about in my examination of curricula is that the world view has to match the worldview of our home. There are a couple of companies that profess to be christian but I have found offensive because they "catholic bash." I will not purchase anything from these companies.

One of MY favorite things for "school time" that I found through OLVS is a CD called 24 Catholic Songs for Children. It includes "Daniel in the Lion's Den" that I remember from when I was little. My son loves to sing along with this CD and he is learning the catechism while he sings. Each song is about scripture or about parts of the catechism or church traditions. There is a coloring book to go along with it.

I must say that I have learned quite a bit myself this year. I think I take more time to sit and enjoy my children these days. They are a gift and they grow way too fast.

As I am starting to panic thinking about how to wrap up this school year and begin the next one, please help me to remember to live in today and not get so wrapped up in all the tomorrows that today slips by. Help me, please to see the successes instead of dwelling on the less successful things. Remind me of my children's faces while they watched the baking soda and vinegar "volcano" experiment. Those shining eyes are one of the reasons I am doing this.


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Cheryl said...

Hi Christine,
I really like the prayer at the end of this post.