Sunday, January 21, 2007

34 years ago

In January of 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that most laws making abortion illegal were unconstitutional. This has led to the murder of millions of unborn children in the name of "a woman's right to choose." Many of these women did not "choose" to murder their unborn but were coerced by men who did not want the responsibility of fatherhood or family members who convinced these women (and girls as young as 12-14) that having a baby would ruin their lives. The change in the laws has led to the slippery slope we are now seeing in which a person may have food and water withheld if their husband/wife/parent/guardian deems their quality of life to be less than they believe it should be. This is what happened to Terry Schiavo and what is happening across the world at an alarming rate.

With the advances in technology we now have what is termed "selective abortion" in which a child with a defect can be aborted to save the costs of dealing with a handicapped child. In some places selective abortion is being used to kill a female child simply because she is female.

Many women who undergo abortion are never truly informed as to the procedure. They do not know that the already formed body of the child within their womb will be cut up before it is "vacuumed out." They have been misled by people who call a baby a "fetus" and a "blob of tissue." They have been lied to. Abortion is referred to a a simple procedure and complications are rarely mentioned. Millions of women still die from abortions. Millions have complications ranging from lacerated cervixes to hemorrhaging to perforated uteruses to severe infection. Many of these complications can cause infertility. Women are also not told that the little life within them will try to escape the abortionist's tools. A baby will "swim" away from the cutting tools and vacuum. The unborn child also demonstrates that it feels pain during the supposedly painless procedure. Of course, when you have been told that a baby isn't a baby yet and you believe it to be a formless blob of cells, you might not believe that any of this could be true.

As you may guess from this post, I am pro-life. I believe that an unborn baby is alive and deserves to be born and to live. I also believe that abortion hurts women and society. The lies that are told and the secrets that are kept are harmful. We must respect the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception, or we risk losing respect for all human life. We risk losing respect for all the creatures on this earth. Indeed, we risk losing this planet to the selfishness of our human desires.

Dear Lord,
Please keep safe all those who will be traveling to the March for Life in Washington D.C. tonight and tomorrow. May the voices be heard and Your grace abound. May all the young people who have lost siblings and potential friends to abortion have healing, Lord. We have allowed the murders of so many innocents. We are no better than Herod. Please forgive us, Father. Please heal us.


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