Sunday, November 19, 2006

And the saga continues

We found out last night that MSS and YSS are both locked up in juvenile detention this weekend. Apparently YSS was put on probation when he had his CHINS hearing. Apparently he also was caught at some point with "weed" as OSS put it to DH. YSS skipped school again and was picked up. MSS was arrested for assault again. Apparently he beat up on another kid. Of course, DH didn't get a call from his ex about any of this and found out while IM-ing with his oldest son last night. I'm sure there is probably more to the story than the little bit we have gotten from OSS. DH is a bit of wreck over all this. He is mostly upset about the youngest being in lock up. I think there must be a whole lot more to the story than what we are getting. From what we were told, he was pulling regular kid stuff, but they don't usually put you in lock up for skipping school. OSS seemed to think that he was "finally going to be an only child" because he thinks his brothers are going to wind up in some sort of foster care. DH had at one point thought about having his youngest come here to live, but I said no. I will not put the rest of the children who are in my care in this house through the same junk they have been through in the past year with MSS and ODS. The younger two are finally starting to seem really happy, and YDS is settling down and behaving much better lately (although he is bouncing around right now).

Dear Lord,
Please soften the hearts of MSS and YSS to accept your love and to reject the ways of this world. They have been taught by their mother that they can have whatever they want and that "love" is shown by buying things. I think they are both angry and searching for something to fill the voids in their hearts, Lord, the voids that only You can fill. Bless DH's ex-wife with wisdom in this situation. Give her strength, Lord. Please place a hedge of protection around OSS, Lord. He has not been in the kind of trouble his brother's are in, Lord, but he too, has his vices. You know his needs and his weaknesses, Lord. Only You can help any of them, Lord.
Lord, give peace to DH in this situation. You know he has tried to set these boys straight. He is so upset, Lord, and he takes it out on those around him. Please help him to see his behavior is harmful to those who love him, and does nothing to help his boys. Your will be done, Lord.


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