Monday, September 04, 2006

Week 2 begins

Tomorrow morning begins week 2 of our "school year." Last week we did ok....I have begun to rethink a bit, though. In talking to some friends who school at home, I realized that I was expecting a bit too much for the first week, and that if I really want my children to learn, our schooling must be fun as well as educational. I have my darlings at home because I didn't want them to have a cookie cutter education full of special interest group propaganda. I want them to learn to think for themselves. This means challenging them in ways other than "finishing the book."

In other news, DSS2 has been at his mother's house all summer. He now refuses to return home because he wants to go to school there. We have him because the situation there (home and school) was out of control. According to his mother, she has been telling him he needs to come back and he refuses. At this point, it seems, he is technically a run away and she is aiding and abetting....he already needs to go to court at the end of this week for assaulting DH back in June.

My home is so much more calm without him here, but it appears his mother (who has assured him all summer that he could stay there this fall but has done nothing to change custody) does not really want him there, or that her mother, who owns the house in which she resides, has said he cannot come back....I am afraid only God Himself knows the truth of that one.

Be with us as we begin our new school week. Be with ODD on Wednesday as she begins a very heavy course load in her junior year of High School. Be with YDD and YDS and with me, please. Help me to make "school" fun and educational. I am trying to remember that many things that we do throughout the day are educational if we take the moment. Light those moments for me, please, Lord. Be with our children who reside elsewhere. May they know that we love them. Heal them in any areas where healing is necessary. Place your hedge of protection around our family, Lord.

I pray in Jesus' holy name.


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Mominator said...

Good Lord The Drama! Don't you wish these people would just behave!? I know I do with people in my fam like this.

Welcome to blogger. I like it here. I wish I had media player. I wish I could get everyone over on MSN to come over and visit. Seems you have to tell them on the MSN site to GO HERE kind of thing.

Anyway. Hope homeschooling goes well. You'll get it figured out. And may peace remain in your home Christine.